Helen Marie


What Is It?
Brand matters, and there hasn’t existed one to date that puts the musical entrepreneur first. DMMCompany is an online tool built to break the confines of the radio playlist by providing a credible, global and equal arena for all good musicians, producers, DJs and musical entities – known or not. The barriers that once separated the haves from the have-nots are non existent within DMMCompany.

What's Next
July 2012 is the scheduled release date of the all new DMMCompany® 9.0. All I can tell you at this point is that we're approaching a year-long stretch of production and it's totally worth the wait. Stay tuned…


What They Wanted
Celebrations is a community-based party planning website owned by 1-800-Flowers.com. It provides expert advice and tips, and also provides a large platform for users to share information such as party ideas, recipes, photos, and videos. After a dead end with a previous firm, Celebrations came to Helen Marie with a serious challenge: design and build an entire website with Drupal in just three weeks.

What They Got
We launched Celebrations.com in September of 2007, meeting both deadlines and budget, and updated the site in the late fall. Since the initial launch with Helen Marie, Celebrations has negotiated sponsorships with Hellmann's and other major clients. Our partnership with Celebrations has continued through Summer 2008.


NBPC’S Black Public Media
What They Wanted
Over the past 30 years, the National Black Programming Consortium had amassed a vast and eclectic collection of black media ranging from video to full-length documentaries and short films. However, it was all archived and physically stored in their offices and unavailable to the public. With the creation of Black Public Media, they wanted to digitize their library and share it, and also make it possible for people to purchase and download DRM-free versions of videos and films for their own use.

What They Got
Launched in January 2008, blackpublicmedia.org now serves as an online hub for independent African and African-American filmmakers and viewers. Visitors to the site can surf channels such as Youth Media and BlackArt Roots, and subscribe to podcasts and blogs. The site's media is also available for purchase, in addition to a wide variety of "Free Stuff" and a "Dollar Store" of downloads for a dollar.


What They Wanted
Listen Up! is a web-based youth media network that aims to connect young video producers and filmmakers with resources, technology, funding, and audiences. When Listen Up! came to us, the community building features on their website had to be manually updated by staff, which was a time-consuming process that resulted in the site expanding in fits and spurts rather than in real-time with the network. As young people, and especially teenagers, are a fickle demographic with innumerable online options at their fingertips, Listen Up! needed a stronger, more relevant brand image, and a cohesive website that could keep pace with their intelligent and ever-evolving member base.

What They Got
More than two years later, Listen Up!'s website is still operating with our original design and technology platform. As the organization continues to expand, they now sponsor competitions, such as its Very Important Producers Awards, through the website, have developed an innovative partnership with Adobe, and were awarded one of broadcasting's highest honors, the George Foster Peabody Award, for a series of short documentaries entitled Beyond Borders: Personal Stories from a Small Planet.


What They Wanted
RiverWired.com is a growing online hub for eco-conscious news and entertainment, and for people who are looking to share their ideas with a like-minded community. When we began working with them, RiverWired had already partnered with Advomatic to retool their Drupal site, but were unsatisfied with the existing design. They wanted to re-brand the site to reflect their expanding business and social goals, and to create a website that would be able to expand with their fast-growing community.

What They Got
RiverWired.com now reflects the modern and extremely fast-growing green community that it serves. Among the site's new features are RiverWired TV, a host of blogs, and plenty of user created content, all organized into six easy-to-navigate categories.