Helen Marie


Helen Marie is a Brooklyn-based interactive technology and design firm that draws on our combined diversity, artistry and experience to bring our clients first-rate creative and technical solutions. We believe that good design, technical fluency, and professional integrity go hand in hand.

On collaborations with independent artists, small to large non-profits, and international corporations, we've always maintained the same goal: To deliver services that help our clients express their mission, and in the process be more engaging, more organized, and more effective.

Helen Marie is a small but diverse company. We strongly believe that this gives us a unique and advantageous viewpoint in an ever-changing cultural marketplace. Our principal partners consist of two creative directors and one technical director, all of whom bring their backgrounds as artists to the work that they do at Helen Marie.

Their combined experience yields expertise on subjects as wide-ranging as graphic design, web development, education, music, painting, and the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira. Incorporating all of this knowledge into Helen Marie allows us to view our clients' needs from myriad angles and better help them develop strategies and products that are emotionally appealing and technologically sound, strengthening their voices and expressing their distinction.

Helen Marie takes its name from Helen Marie Johnson, the late mother of creative directors Chacon and Chakaras Johnson. The name Helen Marie embodies respect, love, independence and passion.

Take a look at our work

  • "The white headphones have arrived!"

    One of our clients exclaimed this at a design review — we showed her a design direction that enunciated her organization's identity and let it stand far apart from the crowd. (It took Matt a few days to realize she was talking about the famous iPod ad campaign.)

  • We never phone it in

    We are overachievers. Not in a Phi Beta Kappa way, but in a can't-put-it- down-until-it's-perfect kind of way. We don't have templates for turning around web or logo designs in a day. We give your organization the boutique treatment it deserves, but with a very non-boutique integration of our industry's best practices for usability, information design, and extensible technologies.

    Of course, we also thrive on deadlines. And we excel under pressure. Just leave the balancing act up to us — we'll work it out.